Polo Red Parfum by Ralph Lauren, 4.2oz

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Product Overview

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Parfum is the new long-lasting men's cologne for those who embrace the unexpected. Thrilling and complex Absinthe mixes with fresh and opulent Orris. At the heart, sustainable Bergamot and Diva Lavender merge and refine the captivating scent. The classic masculinity of Cedarwood finishes the intense men's fragrance with seductive ruggedness. The result is an enveloping, yet rich and seductive scent that evokes a journey into the desert and the unforgettable thrill of the open road. This bottle is presented in a rich crimson red, consciously designed, refillable fragrance bottle is complimented by a modern silhouette and metallic accents.

Fragrance Family:

  • Woody & Ambery

Fragrance Notes:

  • Top - sustainable bergamot heart, blood orange oil, pink peppercorn
  • Middle - absinthe oil, orris, sustainable Ddva lavender heart
  • Base Notes - musk accord, cedarwood heart, opoponax accord


(No reviews yet) Write a Review